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What We Teach

We recognize that as homeschool parents, you have a deep understanding of what is best for your child. We are committed to supporting your chosen home education program with certified teachers who are always available to provide assistance and guidance. Students are invited to join us whenever we are open, to study or receive support in their curriculum. Additionally, we offer an optional traditional American supplemental program that prepares our graduates for financial independence and career success. Our aim is for our clients to enjoy the learning process, while at the same time, develop individual excellence and gain knowledge that is beneficial to them and our country.

We can provide assistance in supporting your child's curriculum.

As a parent, you want your child to receive the best possible education. That's why homeschooling has become increasingly popular among students. To support your child's academic success, our organization offers customized assistance for high school-level subjects to help each child's homeschool curriculum, specifically prioritizing math, science, English, psychology, and history. Our Success Coaches are certified teachers with extensive experience and expertise in their respective fields. They are committed to helping your child grow academically and achieving their goals. Your child can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to excel academically with our personalized guidance.


At our program, students can enjoy an exceptional high school experience with their fellow Eagles. Our schedule is incredibly flexible, allowing students to attend on-site every day from 7 am to 1:30 pm, except for Fridays, when the program runs from 7 am to 11 am. They are free to come as much as they want, or if they only require assistance with a specific subject, they can come for a brief period. We believe in making each day engaging, but we don't think students should come just for the sake of it. Our facilities include classrooms, workstations, an area resembling a student union, a place to warm up food, and socializing zones.

Introducing Our 5Cs Curriculum:


The Hillsdale 1776 curriculum will be the guiding force behind our high school American government and politics class. This curriculum is the preferred choice due to its traditional and patriotic approach to American history.  Both students and teachers will benefit immensely from this approach.


Our high school curriculum is designed to align with Dave Ramsey's Foundations for Personal Finance. Throughout their four-year academic journey, students will follow this program to gain a comprehensive understanding of personal finance, budgeting, housing and real estate, investing, and more. In addition to classroom learning, we offer hands-on projects to help students apply what they learn in real-life scenarios. With a strong foundation in financial literacy, our students will be equipped to embark on a journey towards financial freedom from the very start of their careers.


In our program, we believe that character is a fundamental aspect of everything we do. To emphasize this, we spotlight students who demonstrate positive character traits every month. Additionally, we prioritize teaching the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens/People, which help students develop habits that benefit them internally and externally. This enables them to positively impact their surroundings with the assistance of others. Our efforts extend beyond the school's boundaries as we organize community outreach and volunteer work to aid those in need.


At Freedom, our top priority is equipping our students with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities required to succeed in their endeavors. Whether they plan to pursue higher education or join the workforce right away, we match each student with a dedicated Success Coach who will work with them to create a Career Success plan. This process begins with a Career Success inventory, followed by a personalized plan that outlines the cost of education, certifications needed, and expected earnings in their chosen field. We understand that students do not want to accumulate significant debt without a viable means of paying it off Therefore, our program also offers real-world experiences such as internships, apprenticeships, and jobs aligned with their aspirations and talents. With Freedom, our students can rest assured that they are well-equipped to achieve their goals.


Our program provides English and Math support for your homeschooling curriculum. In addition, we offer two classes per core subject per week to help take your child's English and Math skills to the next level. Our teaching approach involves collaborative projects and novel studies, and each course is tailored to meet the individual needs of each student, ensuring that the lessons are aligned with their career goals. Our dedicated teachers are passionate about bringing learning to life, making it an excellent addition to your homeschool curriculum. This class can also serve as your child's curriculum if you use something other than your own.


Bettina, Parent

"The caring team at The Freedom Institute has designed a guidance program that helps to prepare each student for their future based on their individual interests and career path.  The individual supportive approach has helped him to focus on his future with concrete plans in order to make a real life transition after High School!"

Eva, Parent

"Each child is different, and with that, every learning plan should also be. Their approach is to get to know the client (student), learn about their personality, get to know their interests, goals and desires, help identify possible career paths and then create individualized student learning paths. They have an amazing curriculum that can be followed 100% or flexibly, depending on the client/family's plans. They have succeeded to create a culture that is fun, encouraging, empowering, cool, respectful, client-focused, and built on core values that are rarely taught in schools anymore."

Jake, Student

"I can already see how Freedom is benefiting my life now and my future. It has offered me time, opportunities, and so much support. With Freedom, I know my dreams will come true."

Sofie, Student

"Freedom has provided a flexible environment in which I can explore my interests, step in new opportunities, and prepare for my future with the help of fantastic and supportive success coaches.



Christopher Marker, CEO/CLO

Nathan Poteet, Program Director/Principal

Christy Vaill, Senior Success Coach

Michelle Garafola, Success Coach

Quest Educational Foundation 

The Freedom Institute of Collier County

2706 Horseshoe Drive S

Naples, FL 34104


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