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About Us

At Freedom, we focus on our clients’ learning. Our Success Coaches join their team, helping the client build an individualized plan to reach their career goals with the families’ chosen home school curriculum, and our optional 5cs program. We fine tune their high school experience with precision academics and real-world skills.  Freedom creates an individualized career path tailored to the aptitudes, skills and wants of each client. It then holds the client responsible for mastering the journey.

Our Vision

Foster Economic Freedom through Learning

Our Mission

To help each individual develop their self-esteem by identifying those career paths that will enable them to be self – sufficient.

Our Beliefs

1. Learn the real stuff that you want and need to be successful.

2. Engaging/Motivating/Useful Environment (internships/apprenticeships/jobs while in school). Also, our clients have the opportunity to make money while learning with us.

3. Safe and Healthy experience for all.

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