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Homeschool Curriculum with our Success Coaches

An Eagle’s day at Freedom can be whatever you, as the home school family want it to be academically. We will support your home school curriculum individually or in small groups with our Success Coaches, who are also highly credentialed teachers. We will teach our own 5Cs supplemental program in addition if you would like. Eagles may come and go when you want them to. Attendance is up to you.




We offer a 5Cs supplemental program designed to foster economic freedom and career success. College test preparation is integrated, and more importantly, our 5Cs sets them up for the real world with the information we all wish we had. Traditional Civics, Consumerism, Character, Career, and Core (ELA and Mathematics) will be taught, in 2 classes a day, Monday – Thursday. We want our Eagles from high school to understand the financial, work, and character expectations that await them. Financial savvy, negotiation talent, research skills, communications strength, and collaboration will be some of the necessary traits our Eagles leave the nest with. Eagles that show success within our 5Cs program will be rewarded. We incentivize our Eagles to learn.


The High School Experience

We offer a unique home school environment in our beautiful two-story facility located just north of the Naples Airport. Learning spaces conducive to multiple learning styles are the norm. Fun and fellowship matter and Freedom will provide that during guided and independent learning. We offer supervised, quiet (and not so quiet) learning spaces like a college campus. High-speed internet and coffee are provided to Eagles. They will also have access to a fitness room, and PE classes as electives, with other surprises that are still in development. Eagles in high academic standing, and those who are honoring a commitment to obtain an internship/apprenticeship/job/extra-curricular aligned to their career goals, gain access to The Eagles Nest, a student union type honorary area where their accomplishments are honored with higher privilege and fun. Graduates from our program will have friendships, memories, special events, and school spirit akin to a traditional high school experience, but with the precision, family chosen, tailor-made homeschool benefits. “Soar Eagles”


The Job Connection

Our Vision of Fostering Economic Freedom through Learning is core to what we do. Juniors and Seniors are expected to get internships/apprenticeships/jobs/full time extracurriculars (with their Success Coaches help and monitoring) aligned to their Career Success Plan(s). We know the power of being paid to work, as well as avoiding the pitfalls of debt, and intend to build that into our Eagles at a much younger age than was provided for us. Employers and Colleges will want our Eagles as they will be uniquely prepared to dominate those environments. Moving into a dream career with prerequisite skills built for that job, without debt, is a transcendent game changer for the individual and their family, and a core mission of The Freedom Institute.

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